Local And Community

This page belongs to the communities surrounding Sharavogue Bog. Whether you are a local heritage group, a men’s shed, drama group, arts group, school or a sporting organisation, this section of the Living Bog site is for you.

Bulletins, news, stories and history from the area is currently being compiled by our Public Awareness Manager, Ronan Casey. If you have any interesting stories, photos, information or anything concerning Sharavogue and its environs, please email ronan.casey@ahg.gov.ie or call him on 076 1002627

This is an area of Ireland and the midlands where even the smallest local story or photograph could make a big impact nationally and globally.

Stories of days on the bog, or days on land surrounding the bog are part of our collective Irish  history, but much of what we know we take for granted, and what may be ordinary to you or I might be EXTRAORDINARY to someone else. Even the most ordinary tale of transporting turf will have resonance for others, so let us know. Of if you know anyone with a story to tell, let Ronan know and he will get them to tell it!


Whilst this project is about restoring a number of raised bogs, we want to celebrate everything to do with bogs, past present and future, so if you have stories and memories of days on the bog, please let us know and we’ll share them.

On the local and community pages of our site, we will also link to interesting people and events in the areas surrounding this raised bog. We also wish to highlight the traditions associated with turf in this area.

If you have a community web presence, or newsletter or information sheet you’d like to see reach a wider audience, don’t hesitate to let Ronan know and it will go up on this site.

We will also link to interesting people and events in the areas surrounding this raised bog.